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Allan Gilmour, DMV

Catalina Zapata, DMV

Dr Zapata was born and raised in Colombia, she grew up with two collies (Silver and Gordon) and one labrador (Azabache) and always knew that she wanted to be a vet.  She graduated from the veterinary medicine faculty of Universidad de Antioquia in 2007 and a few months after moved to Montreal.  In 2008 started working in a small animal clinic while preparing her OMVQ exams and has been practicing as a licensed vet for 8 years.  
She has a special interest in dentistry and soft tissue surgery.  She lives with her husband Alejandro, her son Benjamin and their lovely cat Mandy. 
She joined our team in July 2023 after her maternity leave.

Claudia McNeil, DMV

Léa Beaudin, DMV

Pierre-Olivier Laberge, DMV

Dr Pierre-Olivier Laberge graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary medicine at the University of Montreal in 2013 before completing an advanced internship in applied veterinary sciences. In the summer of 2014, he began working in Montreal in a small animal clinic where he performed consultations, but was particularly fond of surgery and dentistry. In 2022 he also works for several months in the Iles-de-la-Madelaine. He joins our Animal Care West team in January 2023.

Vittoria Lipari, DMV

Obsessed with animals from a young age, Dr. Lipari always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. After working in the field for 4 years, her dream finally started to materialize when she started her veterinary degree in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grenada. She completed her degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2022 and then came home to Montreal to practice. Enthusiastic in her new career, she cannot wait to meet your furry friends!

Anne St-Denis, TSAc

Anne graduated from Lionel-Groulx in May 2018 and completed her certification exam in December of the same year. As soon as she finished her studies, she started working at the DMV veterinary center, in the emergency department. She then switched to the surgery department, where she has been working full-time since summer 2020.

She grew up on a small farm where her parents passed on their passion and love for animals. Her first instinct, in all aspects of her life, is to make sure she can help those around her, animals and humans alike. Being an Animal Health Technician enables her to help both. She loves being able to make a difference in the life of an animal and its owner. Always ready to work, she joined the Animal Care West team in fall 2022 and offers a few hours a week, while continuing to work alongside Dr. Gatineau at the DMV veterinary center.

Audrey-Ann Belley, TSA

Audrey-Ann graduated from College Lionel-Groulx as an animal health technician (AHT) in 2016 and is currently on the road to receiving her ENTSA certification. Passionate about animals since she was young, there was no way that she could not work in the field of animal health. After being hired at DMV emergency hospital during the last phase of her internship, she began working in the surgery department alongside Dr. Gatineau and his team and remained there for 5 years. During that time, she became an experienced surgery technician, appreciated by the rest of her coworkers and standing out with her remarkable leadership, organizational and technical skills. Working in an emergency referral clinic for many years allowed Audrey-Ann to gain experience in anesthesia, surgery procedures and emergency protocols. Audrey-Ann is equally distinguished by her exceptional interpersonal skills and her contagious sense of humour. Enthusiastically in pursuit of new challenges, Audrey-Ann joined the Animal Care West team in July 2021.

Audrey Regimbald, TSAc

Audrey has been passionate about animals since her childhood. Animals have been part of her household for as long as she can remember. She graduated as an animal health technician in 2020 and got her certification the following year. As soon as she graduated, she was hired by the DMVET veterinary center. First as a technician in the emergency department, but Audrey then migrated towards two specialties that have always interested her: dentistry and oncology. While working in these two departments, she has developed a good understanding of anesthesia and its challenges, as well as perfecting her technical skills. Eager to share her knowledge and continue to learn more about other spheres of veterinary medicine, Audrey joined the Animal Care West team in early 2022. Outside of work, she is also known as a cat lover. At home she has three feline companions: Kira, Joey and Owen who unceasingly give her new anecdotes to share.

Chloé Lau, TSAc

Chloe graduated as an animal health technician from Vanier College in 2020.

Driven by her love of furry friends, the veterinary field was a no brainer. She usually goes by "Tuna's mom" but you can call her Chloe.

Gabriella Vassiliou, TSA

Jessica Gabriel, TSA

Jessica Legendre, TSA

Jessica graduated as an animal health technician in 2021 from Vanier College. She has worked in an emergency center since the beginning of her career, and joined our team in October 2023. Additionally to the patients she takes care of at the clinic, she has two amazing cats at home, T’Challa and Rocket, as well as her three fish rescued from a toilet fate.

Karine Albert, TSAc

Karine is an animal health technician, graduated from Lionel-Groulx in 2012 and certified by VTNE that same year. She has varied experience in the field of animal health having worked in general practice in clinic and animal hospital, in internal medicine at DMV center Mtl as well as with quebec wildlife at Zoo Ecomuseum. Her experience in the different fields of veterinary medicine has enabled her to gain remarkable and highly diversified skills.
With a particular passion for domestic pet nutrition, she has obtained the NAVC Pet Coach Nutrition Certification in 2021 and keeps learning with continued education to maintain and improve her knowledge.
Karine is known for her patience and excellent customer service towards the parents of our fluffy friends, especially in the management of chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney disease and Cushing's. She is 110% dedicated to her patients and it is with pleasure that she has joined the amazing team at Animal Care West.

Karine Bruylant, TSA

Maegan Hupe, TSA

Marilyn Paré, TSAc

Manager and co-owner

Marilyn Paré received her diploma as an animal health technician (TSA) as well as her ENTSA certification in 2007.
From 2007 to 2021, she worked at Centre Veterinaire DMV de Montreal as an emergency technician and in surgeries alongside Dr. Dupuis and Dr. Gatineau.
Marilyn was also the head technician responsible for organizing and managing surgery services at all three DMV locations (DMV Montreal, DMV-Nord, DMV-Sud).

An excellent manager, well appreciated and respected by her colleagues and passionate about her job, Marilyn found her perfect fit as the manager of Animal Care West/ Hopital veterinaire Soins Veterinaires Ouest and Gilmour veterinary services – Pointe-Claire

Alanna Kobelsky, Assistant

Alessandria Blandino, Assistant

My name is Alex and I have been apart of the team since July, 2023. Well known for my love for animals and crazy hand gestures. Animals have been apart of my life for about 12 years now. I started as a groomer and slowly made my way into the veterinary world. My background consists of administrative work, Team Lead for reception, and lots of furry cuddles accompanied by a few bumps and bruises. 
My life revolves around my family and my four-legged old man Mylo. A few of my hobbies are dancing, painting, and cooking a whole lot of pasta.

Amyra Gharsallaoui, Assistant

Ana Maria Fula Florez, Assistant

Emmy Paquet-Caron, Assistant

Emmy has been a veterinary assistant at the Animal Care West / Animal Care West Veterinary Hospital since February 2022.
She obtained her degree in classical music in 2008 and by a happy coincidence, she found herself working in the animal field. Since then, she has never left this environment.
Her 10 years in an emergency center as a reception supervisor allowed her to acquire a rigorous working method as well as impeccable customer service.
Radiant, bubbly and attentive to customers, she adds a lot of good humor to the team.

Gabriel Pineda, Assistant

Gabriella Ortuso, Assistant

Gabriella has been a technician assistant with us since May 2023 and is currently studying at Vanier College in the Animal Health Technology program. She graduated from her Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology from the Bishop’s University in 2018. Gabriella has worked in various fields where care and health has always been at the forefront of the job: patient assistance program, student first aid, kindergarten education and Ecomuseum Zoo administration. Her passion and interest in animals have brought her to the veterinary world and we are happy to have her as a member of our team here at Animal Care West.

Jessica Baron, Assistant

Jessica Christ, Assistant

Megan Koczerzuk, Assistant

My name is Megan and I am an aspiring veterinarian. I have various work experience with animals, including large and small animals. I have two pet rabbits at the moment and graduated with a BSc specializing in Biology this August. I love working in surgery and in emergency, because no two days are the same!  


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